Jerusalem: Trump, Netanyahu differ on US embassy move

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and United States President, Donald Trump have disagreed on the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Netanyahu had said on Wednesday that the U.S. Embassy would relocate to Jerusalem in the next 12 months.

Responding, Trump rejected his counterpart’s position, insisting that the move would be done gradually.

“By the end of the year?” Trump told Reuters.

“We’re talking about different scenarios. I mean obviously that would be on a temporary basis. We’re not really looking at that. That’s a no.”

He, however, stood by his decision to relocate the embassy and said it will be “beautiful” and not one that costs $1.2 billion.

Trump’s decision to move the embassy in Israel prompted some blowback in the region.

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas said Trump is unfit to broker any negotiations and called the move “sinful.”

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